Custom Artwork

”For a long time I had the word “Exploration” in mind as title for my album. This title reflects how I see life, a journey in which the story of your life unfolds. For the cover image I imagined a backpacker standing in a scene that would be a symbol of this life path. This scene consists of beautiful views, flat landscapes, winding roads and sometimes deep valleys alternating each other.

Richard remarked that with digital painting techniques, these ideas could be brought to life in a powerful way, while retaining an authentic craftsmanship feel.

Working together on this project has been a great pleasure. Richard would occasionally send me a draft for me to comment on. Once I decided which draft worked best, the ideas were implemented in more detail. He kept me updated with the progress regularly, the feedback was always welcome, and changes were executed accordingly. 

While working on the album cover, more ideas for the rest of the CD booklet came to life. We were excited about taking the whole exploration concept further, with photos of me as a backpacker and pictures of nature, which coincide with the lyrics. The painting effects where applied to the lyric pages as well, making the artwork a cohesive whole. We also took time to find specific fonts that worked best for the album title and lyrics. 

I am very pleased with the end result, something unique that totally fits me, and what I am trying to say with my music. The art Richard produced for my album enhances the art I make as a musician and singer.

Sincerely, Christie”